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Here Comes the Sun: The Best Roofs to Fight the Rays

July is the hottest month in both Oklahoma City and Amarillo, Texas, with temperatures that surge into the 90s. These hot outside temperatures are compounded by hot roofs in urban areas; according to the California Energy Commission (CEC), urban areas become “heat islands” and can be between 2 and 9 degrees hotter than surrounding rural areas. These elevated temperatures can contribute to physical discomfort for your customers and employees, high electrical costs and lower air quality. A cool roof above your buildings can make a huge difference, keeping your costs lower and the people who frequent your business more comfortable.

An investment in a cool roof or cool roof coating can yield significant savings in your power bill. The CEC estimated that summer urban air temperature elevation is responsible for 5 to 10% of urban peak energy demand, at a cost of several billion dollars to American businesses every year.

Reducing your contribution to the heat island effect can also significantly improve the air that your employees and customers breathe. Greenhouse gas and smog are exacerbated by high urban temperatures. Researchers writing for Energy and Buildings said that, in simulations that brought down urban temperatures just 3 to 4 degrees, the amount of ozone released into the atmosphere was reduced by 10 to 20 percent. This is equal to eliminating all of a city’s car emissions.

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Metal Roofing

Strong, Beautiful, and Budget-Friendly: Benefits of Metal Roofing

If you think metal roofs are limited to cold, loud, industrial buildings, you don’t know the benefits of today’s metal roofing materials. A modern metal roof isn’t the old corrugated “tin top” seen on barns and factories from years ago. Metal roofing material is high-tech, lightweight and attractive. In fact, you might drive by metal-roofed homes in your own neighborhood every day and never notice anything except that your neighbor’s roof looks better than yours. Aluminum and steel are the most commonly used roofing metals, but copper and zinc are also available. Metal shingles and panels are the preferred choice of many homeowners and businesses because metal is durable, eco-friendly, economical and the design choices are nearly unlimited.

Metal is Durable

Metal is known for its strength to begin with, but the innovative finishes currently available can ensure a lifespan of 40 years or more. Because of its ability to endure the elements, metal is a preferred building material in high-wind areas and regions that experience extreme weather. Its non-porous surface sheds snow naturally. Metal is also fire-, rot-, insect- and mildew-resistant. In some cases, a metal roof may lower home insurance costs or qualify the owner for tax benefits.

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