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Larry Case for Madill Public Schools

I would recommend Coryell Roofing to others. We did a campus-wide roofing project worth over 2 million dollars.  I was pleased with the work, and following that campus-wide project, I used Coryell Roofing on some smaller, individual projects. The thing I appreciated most was their taking the initiative to deal with adjusters and the insurance company at the beginning and dealing with those business necessities going forward. Their assistance made it time efficient on my end. I appreciate not being bogged down with those things that would have taken time from the day-to-day running of the school.

Skyler Sander for Seiling Hospital

Service and communication make Coryell Roofing and Construction, Inc. stand out from the competition. Even though the project they did for us was a large one, Coryell Roofing made it seem like a very simple project: they communicated well with us and worked with our schedule. We went with Coryell because of their references in the area, and in the end, their work showed why everyone spoke so highly of them. Great products. Great people. Great service.

David Morrow for Bridge Creek Public Schools

I would definitely recommend Coryell Roofing.  The Coryell team stood by us through the whole process and allowed me to be an educator during the construction/roofing projects. The customer service has been excellent, and I enjoyed working with the team.

Derrick Dabney for Royal ISD

Coryell Roofing was recommended to me, and I would strongly recommend Coryell Roofing to others. Wendell Olsen, the sales rep, was up front about everything, and he answered all my questions. What was really important is that he did not pressure me into making a quick decision.

The sales and design portion of the project went smoothly, and the crew and project manager were great. The had daily meetings to keep me and my team posted on where they were in the process.

Since the project completion, I have received several calls from Coryell Roofing just to check in and make sure I was completely satisfied with the product and the project. I would like to thank Coryell’s team for their professionalism in taking care of RISD!

Shawn Shaffer for PEAK Innovation Center

I would definitely recommend Coryell Roofing to others. They went above and beyond given the short notice and sheer size and scope of the work needed for PEAK Innovation Center to open its doors on time. Coryell met with district leaders and explained what they could do and within what timeframe they could do it. Then, they did it, and did it well! The quality of the work that Coryell provided to the district was impeccable.

Kyle Reynolds for Woodward Public Schools

Our experience with Coryell Roofing was outstanding from start to finish. They provided an initial free inspection that revealed damage to our roofing systems that we were unaware of, and then they provided invaluable support to us through the claims process.

Next, they installed a quality Duro-Last product over our older roofs that had been patched or modified through the years. This stopped the cycle of working with one roofing company after another and repeatedly paying to fix the same problems. The product manufacturer was on-site to verify that the installation had been done 100% correctly. This gave us confidence that they would stand behind their warranty.  Coryell Roofing, a family-owned business, has extremely high standards when it comes to delivering a quality product and standing behind it!

But there is more! Twice we had high winds come through over the weekend, causing a lot of the Styrofoam ISO materials to be blown all over the site and as far as blocks away.  Each time, Coryell immediately dispatched a crew, who had to drive two and a half hours, to come and clean up the site and restack the materials. That kind of customer service is rare, and for those of us who live in rural areas, critical. Furthermore,  Coryell Roofing embraced and supported our community. They supported and made special our end-of-year staff appreciation event and then enthusiastically stepped up to feed 700 kids before the Classic Bowl parade. I would absolutely recommend Coryell Roofing to friends and colleagues.

Jimmy Hannon for Highland Park ISD

I would recommend Coryell Roofing and Construction, Inc. to other schools and superintendents. The service we received from the company greatly exceeded expectations! They completed the job within budget and on time. They kept the jobsite clean and worked efficiently. We at Highland Park enjoyed working with the entire Coryell team, from those involved in project planning to those installing the roof. Everyone did a great job!

Lou Ann Wood for Whitebead Schools

Our Pre-K -8 facility, a two-story, 103-year-old building, has been leaking for over ten years. Sometimes, maintenance would have as many as eight garbage cans lined up in the gym alone to catch the water. Insurance adjusters kept telling us to just caulk!

I heard that Coryell Roofing offered a free assessment of the problem–free sounded good to me–so I gave them a call. Commercial sales rep, Cody Womack, responded and worked side-by side with insurance adjusters to gather information. Then Coryell Roofing started fighting for that insurance claim  we needed to get the new roof we needed.

We now have a new, white membrane roof with a 20-year warranty. I am happy. The school board is happy. Coryell Roofing was there for us. They kept their promises.  I give them an A+ and would recommend them to anyone!

Chad Hance for Cache Schools

The roof in the lobby of our gym had been leaking for a long time. Dr. Robert Everett, Oklahoma educational consultant for Coryell Roofing, suggested getting in touch with the Coryell team, so we did. They came in, did their job, cleaned up after themselves, and got out of here! School was in session, and there were no disruptions. They were very accommodating, and we are very satisfied.

Brent Koontz for Pioneer-Pleasant Vale Public Schools

When our secondary campus needed a new roof, Bill Denton, retired superintendent of Yukon Schools, recommended Coryell Roofing and Construction, Inc, so I gave them a call. What a great decision! I was quickly greeted by Kelly Coryell, senior commercial sales manager, who met with me several times and patiently answered all of my questions while educating me on what roofing system would be best for our campus. Kelly walked me through the entire process while providing all the information I needed to report back to my school board. Quickly it became obvious to me that we were on the same page and that Coryell Roofing and Construction wanted what was the best fit for Pioneer High School.

From the first contact until the project was completed, I rarely had to call Coryell Roofing. Rather, they consistently called me to check in and ask if we needed anything. They truly seemed to care about what we thought, and they truly cared about the product they were installing. If I did by chance have to call them, I was not handed off to someone I did not know–I got to talk with either Chris or Kelly Coryell. That impressed me.

Our new roof looks great, and we are extremely pleased with the twenty-year warranty. Most reassuring, however, is that if we have to call Coryell Roofing in regard to warranty work, they are going to respond!

Mike Templeton for Crossroads Youth and Family Services

Hi. I am Mike Templeton, director of facilities for Crossroads Youth and Family Services, and I would like to tell you my experience working with Coryell Roofing and Construction to get a new roof on an old, three-story junior high building in Shawnee, Oklahoma–a building we use to house our Head Start program for kids newborn through four years of age.

First, I worked with Jeremy Hey, a sales manager for Coryell Roofing. Jeremy is what I would call consumer-friendly–easy to work with, timely, and dependable. I rarely give references, but I have given Jeremy’s name to over a dozen folks so far.

Second, I was impressed with the technology of the PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roofing membrane Coryell Roofing offered–its durability, its appearance, and especially, its warranty.

Lastly, I can describe the Coryell team as professional, approachable, accessible, and reliable. I cannot think of anything they could have done differently or better. I am 100% satisfied.

Larry Donovan for Blazers Ice Centre
Keenan Young and the Coryell staff were both courteous and professional throughout the construction process.  From the start of the job to the end, the roofing crew did an outstanding job keeping the facility safe and clean while we remained open, so our customers could still access the building. The Coryell team helped us decide on a quality material that looked amazing and added energy savings.
Kristin Prater for Edgewood Independent School District

Edgewood ISD is a 3A district located in a small rural community in East Texas. We have several older buildings, one of which is our elementary cafeteria that serves students in grade PK-8, approximately 650 students.

In September, we had a major roof leak that prevented our students from being able to sit down and eat in the cafeteria. I called Blake Cooper and he immediately put us in touch with Jeremy Hey. The quality of service that we received from them was outstanding. Not only did they communicate well with myself and the Director of Maintenance, but the entire job was also completed in less than 10 days! The crew left the site much cleaner than how they found it.

I cannot thank the Coryell team enough for prioritizing us. They made our small school feel like the biggest most important project they had going.

Jerry Wampler for Mademoiselle Fitness Center

In November 2018, Brandon Rakestraw of Coryell Roofing provided me with an estimate to replace a 12,000 sq ft commercial roof. The Duro-Last White Membrane 50 mil roof was installed right over the existing roof. He walked me through the whole process, insurance adjuster, engineers, and anything else that was required. The new roof was installed the week between Christmas and New Years in December 2018 with the installers working in the bitter cold. The installing crew was very good. Coryell and the crew left the premises clean and tidy. From start to finish everything was done in a professional manner. I would highly recommend Coryell Roofing. The new roof is great!

Daryll Husted for Drill-Right Technology

I would like to thank you for the service your company Coryell Roofing just completed. It was the most professional job and was completed cleanly inside and out. Your company came inside and replaced all tiles that were soiled as well. The job was done quickly and all personal was extremely professional. I also received a 20-year warranty as well.

Daryll Husted Interview

Karen Downing for Turbines, Inc.

We are a manufacturing company in Southwest Oklahoma, so we have seen our fair share of harsh weather from ice storms to hail and damaging winds over the 28 years we have been in this building. Coryell Roofing came and looked at our roof, contacted our insurance carrier, handled all aspects of the insurance claim, measured and installed an energy-efficient and protective roofing that has a 15-year warranty and we only paid the deductible on our insurance!!! The Coryell Team was wonderful!!! They came, did their job, cleaned up after themselves and also changed all of the ceiling tiles that were damaged from leaks that our building had prior to our Duro-Last Roofing System. Now when it rains or snows, we do not worry about leaks anymore and it has also helped with our heating and cooling bills. It has been a pleasure working with this great company based right here in Oklahoma!

Coryell Roofing is a Duro-Last Platinum Contractor again in 2023!
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2014.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2018.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2017.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2020.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle Award in 2021.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Contractor of the Year award in 2023.
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