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Coryell is Starting Strong in 2022!

It’s a safe bet that 2021 didn’t go the way most had envisioned: the lingering pandemic with its new variant surge, mounting supply chain struggles in the wake of the original 2020 shutdown, and all the headaches of doing business in such an environment that persist even as we start 2022. But we love a challenge, and the Coryell Roofing Team met 2021 energized and ready to make it a big year (as always!). It was, in fact, our biggest year yet by several measures!

We know from experience that Duro-Last® makes the “World’s Best Roof®” just like their slogan says. That’s why we install more Duro-Last Systems every year. And since they demand as much from their select contractors as we do from them, our achievements as a Duro-Last contractor inform us greatly each year on how we perform as a company, and more importantly, how we perform for you, our clients.

The Coryell Roofing Team on stage at the Duro-Last National Sales Seminar in Nashville, TN accepting the Golden Eagle Award - an honor shared by only three other roofers in the country.

Last week, Coryell Roofing was recognized twice, both firsts, at the annual Duro-Last® National Sales Seminar in Nashville. First, the coveted Golden Eagle award for surpassing $5,000,000 of Duro-Last roofing materials purchased in 2021 – about a third more than our previous mark, and an achievement attained by only three other roofers in the nation.  Coryell was also awarded the 2021 Metal Installer of the Year for the first time. The award goes to the contractor that made more orders for metal trim and accessories than any other Duro-Last contractor.

Team Coryell accepting their Exceptional Metals 2021 Installer of the Year Award.
Team Coryell accepting their Exceptional Metals 2021 Installer of the Year Award.

And something we are extremely proud of year after year: we are again a Duro-Last Platinum Contractor – a status that not only reflects the amount but also the precision and quality of our work as measured by Duro-Last field inspectors. It’s the equivalent of getting straight A’s on your report card!

These achievements speak to the way we executed more projects than ever for our clients in a year when many were struggling to get roofing supplies onto roofs – Coryell finds a way! We value honest, transparent, and strong business relationships, as do our partners and suppliers. Doing things this way allowed us to reliably inform customers on lead times and ordering materials, knowing when there would be unavoidable delays to start a project. Scheduling based on resources becomes an art when the supply chain picture is always changing, and creative solutions are the order of the day.

Last year also saw more face-to-face activity than 2020. Some major conferences resumed after a year off, although gingerly at times. Natural communication is especially important in the education sector where it was imperative to get schools back in business, and the required roofing issues resolved to make that happen. We sponsored small gatherings and outdoor events like golfing and cornhole — good ways to have some outside fun while still discovering how we could help. We took to the road too, in our hard-to-miss Coryell RV, supplying tailgate style meals for several school and private events that needed some grub — always a fun and beneficial way to give back to our local communities and their challenged educators and resilient business owners. We were also able to arrange some hands-on continuing education and training in 2021 – demonstrating the finer points of expert roofing techniques just isn’t the same on Zoom!

It goes without saying that in a big year like 2021 we completed a myriad of projects that we’re extremely proud of! Challenges both technical (like some tricky color requirementsfor the Woodward Early Education Center) and logistical (Coryell stepped up to fulfill the needs of the PEAK Innovation Center in Arkansas when other roofers could not). Check out these and other Featured Projects below…

It takes a great team to do great things, so we added a little greatness to our roster to meet 2021’s challenges: Christina Trekell – Accountant, Richard Abernathy – Arkansas Education Consultant, and Jeremiah Baker – Commercial Sales Representative. These talented individuals hit the ground running, allowing us to reach our new heights and never fall short of our core goal: put the client’s needs first while providing them with the best commercial roof they will ever have!

Coryell Roofing’s new Team Members for 2021

Jeremiah Baker

Commercial Sales Representative

Jeremiah Baker is a commercial sales representative for Coryell Roofing. He is responsible for sales, customer relations, and the promotion of products. Shortly after high school, Jeremiah studied at Aviation Metrotech, learning to work on turbine engines and make airframe repairs. Jeremiah brings the discipline and attention to detail he learned through aircraft maintenance and his six-year experience as an assistant manager/sales rep at a nationwide and reputable over 100-year-old tire company to Coryell Roofing. At every turn, Jeremiah jumps at learning and growth opportunities at Coryell Roofing.



Oklahoma City

Dr. Richard Abernathy

Arkansas Education Consultant

Dr. Richard Abernathy joined the Coryell Roofing team because he feels the company shares the same goals that have driven his career--to help school districts and kids. He wants to help school districts obtain the free analysis of their roofs offered by Coryell Roofing to plan and budget for the future and prevent problems such as leaking roofs that lead to health problems for students and staff. Before joining the team, Richard worked in the Arkansas education field as a high school principal and coach, assistant superintendent, superintendent, and Executive Director of the Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators. Among some of his many administrative accomplishments are his leading the district and community to design and construct the state's first two Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified school buildings and his partnerships with local organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Bryant and the American Legion Baseball program to provide additional opportunities for the community's youth.


  • Ph.D., Educational Administration


Coryell Roofing is a Duro-Last Platinum Contractor again in 2023!
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2014.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2018.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2017.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2020.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle Award in 2021.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Contractor of the Year award in 2023.
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