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Welcome Christina Treckell

Money may not be everything, but as you might imagine, it plays a vital role in business – as does the accountant tracking those numbers. As the Coryell Roofing company grows, so does our team. With great excitement and a weight off our shoulders, we welcome the newest member of Team Coryell, Christina Trekell, our Senior Accountant.

Christina comes to us with 18 years of financial organization, monetary tracking experience, and her favorite area of expertise, reconciling discrepancies. She has a knack for reviewing budget policies and procedures and finding more efficient ways of handling business economics. She graduated from Charter College in Anchorage, AK., and has since learned all facets of accounting and engraining GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)/debits/credits – she is the pro we needed for the job!

Coryell is proud to be performing more roofing projects than ever before throughout hail alley. Christina’s passion for utilizing her skills in a way that benefits her, personally and professionally, goes hand-in-hand with Coryell’s detailed and professional approach to institutional roofing projects and the value that it represents to our clients. Welcome aboard, Christina!

Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2014.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2018.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2017.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2020.
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