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Jacob Andrews

Jacob Andrews

Jacob Andrews is a commercial sales representative for Coryell Roofing, Inc. (Coryell Roofing). His sales duties include, among other things, educating the customer, meeting customer expectations, and promoting quality products. Jacob attended the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University and has a degree in health and human performance with a minor in sports management.

Before joining the Coryell Roofing team, Jacob worked for RTurley Roofing, a residential roofing company in Jenks, Oklahoma. He learned the importance of communicating well with customers and paying attention to all project details. Jacob went on to become a project manager with the company.

Jacob is excited about putting the skills honed at RTurley to work for a family-owned company like Coryell Roofing. He looks forward to learning all aspects of commercial roofing and growing his skill set as a roofing specialist. Jacob’s work and life are guided by the saying that “it’s impossible to change the cards you’re dealt in life, but you can always choose how you play your hand.” Justin feels he is wisely playing his hand by joining the Coryell Roofing team!

Jacob’s life and work are also motivated by his beautiful wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters, Peyton and Kameron. When not scouting out customers who need a roofing specialist, Jacob enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters or being at the gym. He is also an avid poker player, and he gives a shout-out to his grandfather, who taught him to play.

Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2014.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Chairman Award in 2018.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2017.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle award in 2020.
Coryell Roofing awarded the Duro-Last Golden Eagle Award in 2021.
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