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Is your commercial roof damaged from the recent storms? Don't know? Coryell Roofing can help with no-cost or commitment.

June 24, 2019: 2-3″ hail reported near Lubbock, TX and the surrounding areas. If your building is in the storm-affected area, there might be damage you don’t see. But even if there isn’t, here are 5 great reasons to get your no-cost, certified roof inspection right now…

5 Reasons to Get a Certified Roof Inspection Immediately After the Storm:

Free Lunch... Really?
Well, about as close as you can get, anyway! We believe that whether or not your roof has damage today, you will be so impressed by our certified roof inspection report and follow up, that we will have secured your trust and business forever. Let us show you the Coryell Difference with no cost, and no obligation, and “Bon appétit” on your free lunch!
Mother Nature...
Wind, hail, heavy rain, ice, and even extreme temperatures all have a cumulative negative impact on your roof. A yearly inspection by a certified roofing contractor can detect the rips, dents, cracking, stretching, ponding or other issues extreme weather can cause before they can cause bigger problems.
Father Time...
The years can take their toll, especially on your roof! With age comes some natural degradation like sagging, corrosion, brittleness, and even tears from the roof expanding and contracting. All of these issues can lead to more water finding its way into your building if ignored.
These Boots Are Made for Walkin'…
There are many different tradespeople that require access to your roof, like the HVAC crew that services your air conditioning. These fine folks can unwittingly leave a minor path of destruction in their wake: punctures, screw holes, trash that blocks drainage, and other unforeseen issues affect your roof’s life expectancy.
The Clock is Ticking...
The trend in commercial insurance policies is to include limitations that require you to file storm-related claims within one year of the weather event that caused the damage. You should find out how your policy is structured, but no matter what time frames are involved, early discovery is the best approach!
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