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The Right Way to Do Business in Oklahoma

The Right Way to Do Business in OklahomaIt’s not always easy to describe what “the right way” is, but it’s usually very easy to recognize what “the wrong way” is.

At Coryell Roofing, we pride ourselves in doing business the right way. We value our reputation and we’re committed to making our community a safer, better place to live.

Are you a locally-owned business in Oklahoma? Are you thinking about opening a business in Oklahoma? Here are several tips for doing it the right way.

Live local, be local
If you’re going to be a “local” business, be local. Live in the community, take part in the community, and support community efforts. The people of Oklahoma are a proud and friendly bunch. They’ll support a local business that proves itself to be committed to Oklahoma and the wonderful things in our state. Once you earn the confidence of Oklahomans, their support is unwavering.

At Coryell we work with business owners in Oklahoma to ensure that their most important investment (their people) are protected in a safe work environment so they can produce the services and products that their customers are looking for. Because of the nature of our business, we’re frequently out on the roads and in the neighborhoods shortly after bad weather has impacted families and businesses. We take care to be sensitive and understanding to the needs of the people in Oklahoma when they need our assistance. Coryell belongs to several local professional and business organizations, like the Better Business Bureau, and many more. We firmly believe that Oklahoma is a wonderful place to live and do business.

Be honest and transparent
No one wants to be surprised or misled. When doing business in Oklahoma take measures to ensure that you communicate expectations and the parameters of the work. Don’t hide fees or details that the customer may not anticipate. Assume that they know nothing about your business and that you need to guide them through the process so they are fully aware of what to expect.

We strive to write the best estimates and inspections in the state by providing as much detail as possible. We challenge ourselves to communicate as much as we can to our customers and to let them see everything we’re doing for them. By doing that we’ve been fortunate to establish trust with our customers and partners.

Earn your credentials
If you’re doing business in the state of Oklahoma as a roofing contractor you have a great responsibility. You could argue that anyone doing business anywhere has a great responsibility, because every time you sell a product or provide a service you are entering into a transaction based on integrity. part of establishing integrity is showing that you’ve take seriously your obligation to acquire all of the necessary credentials for doing business. This not only shows integirty and accountability, it also protects the consumer.

In Oklahoma if you’re a roofing contractor, by law you must be registered with the Construction Industries Board. We’ve been registered since that requirement was established in 2010. We also have a Certificate of Good Standing with the State of Oklahoma and we’re properly insured and licensed.

Practice good business
In business you’re not only dealing with customers, you’re also dealing with vendors and suppliers. Whether you have a consulting business, a flower shop, or a roofing company, you almost certainly spend money with other businesses to get your jobs done. In dealing with your vendors and suppliers you should pay on time, be fair, and be honest.

We pay our suppliers and contractors promptly, which is why we’ve achieved a stellar credit history. We also choose local vendors and suppliers whenever we can, to support our communities. When we spend money, we want it to go back into Oklahoma, the state where we’re repairing and installing roofs over your heads.

Be a fair employer
How do you look at your employees? Are they merely cogs in a machine? Do you place unreasonable demands on them? An employer has an obligation to their employees to pay them and to give them the tools they need to do their jobs. But they’ve also entered into an arrangement with their employees that comes with a responsibility. Employers should provide a safe workplace and a positive environment that fosters productivity.

At Coryell we don’t believe that being a good employer only means that we pay them on time and in full for the work they do for us. We also believe it’s our responsibility to make them better employees and citizens. We strive to improve and educate our team members, to give them the professional training that will help them grow and be happy. We also want our employees to have a balanced life, which is why we encourage them to spend time with family and friends and to pursue other interests when away from work. Many of our employees have growing families and are involved in the community where they live.

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