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Careers In Construction Month - Coryell Roofing

October is Careers in Construction Month! It was the National Center for Construction Education and Research and Build Your Future that invented Careers in Construction Month to help increase public awareness and inspire upcoming construction professionals. Construction, especially during the era of COVID-19, plays a massive role in moving the economy forward. Acknowledging and celebrating the men and women who join the construction industry workforce is not only an opportunity but essential. Construction trades are needed now more than ever before and at Coryell Roofing and Construction, inc. we value every worker, in every role of our company, and celebrate all construction industry employees. 

Coryell Commercial Roofing and Construction has grown from a small, reliable business to an essential industry leader. Through hard work and dedication of the CEO, Chris Coryell, and President, CFO, and Chairperson of the Board, Theresa Coryell, alongside their committed sales team and professional crew of roofers, Coryell Roofing has become a powerhouse in the roofing and construction industry. In addition to initial positions, Coryell employs General Managers, Office Managers, Commercial Sales Managers, Education Sales Consultants, Project Managers, a Quality Assurance Manager, Thermal and Drone Manager, a Fleet, Facilities & Safety Manager, and a Marketing team — in two locations. 

If it were not for the passionate and collaborative group of talented individuals who chose to dedicate their skills to construction careers, Coryell would not be what it is today. Every year as we begin Q4 in October, we assess how the year unfolds; and year-after-year, it is genuinely humbling to see how much our ambitious, capable, and gifted team has achieved. 2020 has been full of uncertainty and change, but the Coryell crew has been resilient and began another 4th quarter with nothing less than embracing the description of “essential.” 

As generations of young adults begin their career paths they are commonly advised to explore professions in medicine, law, finance, politics… Similarly, many adults who are shifting career paths are unsure what is on the horizon for them but know they need a change. Careers in Construction Month is for you both! Consider your growth and development as part of an essential and fulfilling industry. 

At Coryell, we are grateful every day for the organization we have built. We pride ourselves on the tremendous people that chose to dedicate their talents to the Coryell family and our clients. October is a reminder to Celebrate Careers in Construction — THANK YOU, Team Coryell, and construction employees worldwide.

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