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Benefits of working with W/MBE certified contractors like Coryell Roofing

There are many advantages when working with W/MBE certified contractors like Coryell Roofing...

Coryell Roofing is proud to be a woman-owned/minority-owned company. As a client and partner of Coryell, there can be substantial benefits for your organization as well: federal and state tax incentives, deductions, and potential rebates, meeting corporate or government diversity goals, and stronger brand awareness and new opportunities in your marketplace. And since the majority of W/MBE-certified companies are small businesses, you are not only supporting that company, but the local community to which it belongs.

Tax Breaks

The federal government and often state governments can offer significant tax incentives to those who work with W/MBE certified companies like Coryell.

Demonstrate your Commitment to Diversity

Hiring a women or minority-owned company illustrates your organization’s committment to diversity, and can make you more attractive to other business partners, because…

Improve Your Profit & Performance

Multiple studies have found that companies that embrace diversity tend to be more profitable when compared to companies that don’t. Diverse teams demonstrably show they work more efficiently and creatively together.

Meet Mandates That May Apply

More and more frequently corporations as well as local, state, and federal projects are requiring companies they do business with to make a percentage of their business dealings with W/MBE certified companies. Working with Coryell Roofing can help you meet these goals — goals designed to support the local and small businesses in your community and help them prosper and grow the local economy.

To learn more about how Coryell Roofing can help you with your next roofing project as well as your diversity goals, contact us today!

Just send us your info below, and we’ll have one of our talented team members contact you to discuss your needs in detail. Or give us a call at (405) 392-4800, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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