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Metal Roofing

If you think metal roofs are limited to cold, loud, industrial buildings, you don’t know the benefits of today’s metal roofing materials. A modern metal roof isn’t the old corrugated “tin top” seen on barns and factories from years ago. Metal roofing material is high-tech, lightweight and attractive. In fact, you might drive by metal-roofed homes in your own neighborhood every day and never notice anything except that your neighbor’s roof looks better than yours. Aluminum and steel are the most commonly used roofing metals, but copper and zinc are also available. Metal shingles and panels are the preferred choice of many homeowners and businesses because metal is durable, eco-friendly, economical and the design choices are nearly unlimited.

Metal is Durable

Metal is known for its strength to begin with, but the innovative finishes currently available can ensure a lifespan of 40 years or more. Because of its ability to endure the elements, metal is a preferred building material in high-wind areas and regions that experience extreme weather. Its non-porous surface sheds snow naturally. Metal is also fire-, rot-, insect- and mildew-resistant. In some cases, a metal roof may lower home insurance costs or qualify the owner for tax benefits.

Metal is Economical

The high rate of recycled material in metal makes it inexpensive to produce. It’s easier to install than many other roofing materials, saving time and labor costs. If damage does occur, individual panels can be removed and replaced, preventing the need for a complete replacement. Some types of metal roofing can be installed directly over an existing roof, eliminating the need for removing old shingles.

Metal is Green

Metal is a sustainable material that contains anywhere from 25-75 percent recycled materials – and metal building products are 100 percent recyclable. Metal roofs help to lower cooling loads by deflecting heat, and some options are Energy-Star rated. Depending on the finish, metal roofing can have a reflectance value of more than 70 percent and maintains most of that value over the life of the roof.

Metal is Creative

The variety of colors, styles, module widths, profiles, shapes, seams and rib patterns available in metal roofing makes it one of the most versatile building materials on earth. Designers love to work with metal because almost any look they imagine can become a reality.

With all the advantages it has to offer, it’s no wonder metal is becoming one of the most popular roofing materials on the market. For new construction, retrofitting, home and industrial buildings, metal proves its mettle by offering benefits that other roofing materials can’t.

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